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Status: Suspended May 11, 2005

Due to lack of demand, interest and time this project is currently inactive :-(
Yet it isn't totally abandoned, for I'm keeping myself informed on the progress of source-highlight, so I may continue development of this frontend one day, probably based on KDE 4 then. Already I've got some improvements in mind regarding the underlying structures, esp. the handling of widgets in the Colors & Styles dialog.

Thanks to all who were supporting me so far while working on this project, mainly Lorenzo and Xavier! It was very instructive and interesting to write this software, and the experience gathered had some impact on my studies and job.

0.6.0 February 1, 2004

It is done! Ksrc2html is ported to KDE 3, renamed to Ksrc2highlight and ready for source-highlight 1.8 (just in time before the next release of source-highlight ;-). Some improvements have also been worked in, with some more to follow which I have in mind now.
I also plan to keep up now with source-highlight again, looking forward to version 1.9 which I already have a Release Candidate of. And the Ksrc2highlight 1.0 release is now getting into sight, which I'm planning to be the next but one version if ever possible (for I think the app will be as good as complete by then).

0.5.5 April 19, 2003

As source-highlight 1.7, Ksrc2html now supports Ruby for input.
Futhermore I added the possibility to show syntax samples in the Color & Style dialog according to the chosen source language; syntax characteristics not available by this language are disabled. Currently adapted samples for C/C++, Java, Python and Prolog are available; feel free to send me your suggestions for the other languages, which have the C/C++ entries as standard for the time being.
But the largest batch of changes happend behind the scenes: I cleaned up some code, mainly in the Color & Style dialog, to simplify handling of the GUI items and support the varying syntax samples.

This version will most probably be the last for KDE 2; as soon as I've got a new Linux system on my box with KDE 3 (somewhen the next months) I'll start porting it. Promised :-)
With that Ksrc2html will also be renamed to Ksrc2highlight.

Source-highlight and Ksrc2html in the press December 27, 2002

You can find a short review of both source-highlight and Ksrc2html in Issue #45 of Georg Greve's column Brave GNU World.

0.5.4 October 17, 2002

Support for source-highlight 1.6, Flex and ChangeLog for input. Nothing more to say.

0.5.3 July 17, 2002

And here's the next release, supporting source-highlight 1.5, Python input and XHTML output. Have fun!

0.5.2 May 13, 2002

Due to Lorenzos ludicrous speed I had to skip the full version of 0.5.1 and instead I'm releasing 0.5.2. It supports source-highlight 1.4, the line-number option and the saving and loading of color & style settings in source-highlight tag files (.j2h). Furthermore I replaced an include causing problems with RedHat and Mandrake distributions (reported by Lorenzo).
Thanks to Xavier Outhier again for his pains to finish the French translation.

The next step (if Lorenzo doesn't release another version before...) will be the portage to KDE 3.

0.5.1pre April 12, 2002

Here is Ksrc2html 0.5.1, temporarily as a "pre" release due to the fact that I'm waiting for the French translation.

This version got a redesigned GUI with a layout which gets rid of too small text labels cutting the containing strings and enables it to be resized while still looking quite OK. Furthermore I changed the backend handling which makes it easier to adapt to new versions of source-highlight, and in the same step I implemented support for the current source-highlight 1.3 :-) Be aware that previous versions of source-highlight, cpp2html and java2html can't be used anymore; please take Ksrc2html 0.5.0 for them.

0.5.0 January 22, 2002

It is done, finally! Ksrc2html 0.5.0 for KDE 2 is finished, just in time before KDE 3 ;-) and seems to run quite well.

And it makes use of the new features in source-highlight 1.2, which I recommend to use with it. A German translation is included.

Announcements December 4, 2001

Yes, there will be a KDE 2 version of Ksrc2html. But I'm currently struggling to complete some projects I need for my degree; I'll try to use a weekend or the christmas holidays for porting it.

For one of those projects I hacked the source-highlight scanner to recognize Prolog syntax (the one of Visual Prolog 5.2, but it should work for other dialects, too). It works quite fine for me; if you'd like to try it I can send you the package (it's the source-highlight tarball extended with pro2html). I'm in the hope that Lorenzo will include it in the next version of source-highlight...

I'd like to have feedback about Ksrc2html, so don't mind to contact me; this would also have some influence to the priority I give to Ksrc2html... :-)

0.4.4a September 24, 2001

There's finally a French translation of the online help. Thanks to Xavier Outhier!

0.4.4 July 17, 2001

Xavier Outhier (from the nonprofit association D2SET) has provided a French GUI translation which is included in this version. There are also some minor changes, see documentation.

0.4.3 June 22, 2001

In this version I've adapted to the source-highlight 1.0 package which combines java2html and cpp2html (previously separate packages). It is rather stable and pretty functional. A German translation is included.

Ksrc2html is still an application for KDE 1, but it is planned to convert it to KDE 2. It already runs on KDE 2 and GNOME if you've got the KDE 1 libraries installed.

Contributions and Copyleft

Ksrc2html is published under the GPL.
Contributions of any kind (e. g. translations) are, of course, welcome.