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namespace  mstring


struct  mstring::MBoolStrings
 Contains localized strings for the conversion of bool values. More...
struct  mstring::MTimeStrings
 Contains localized format strings for the conversion of time values. More...
class  mstring::MString
 A string class. More...
class  mstring::MStringList
 An ordered list of MStrings. More...


 Declare namespace members for export from shared libraries.
#define MSTRING_LOCALE   1
 En-/disables the setting of the locale environment.
 A simple foreach macro for STL containers.


typedef unsigned int mstring::uint
typedef unsigned long mstring::ulong


enum  mstring::NumericBase { mstring::Bin = 2, mstring::Oct = 8, mstring::Dec = 10, mstring::Hex = 16 }
 Available numeric bases for the conversion of integer values. More...
enum  mstring::NumericFormat { mstring::DefaultFormat = 0x00, mstring::AlignSign = 0x01, mstring::ShowPlus = 0x02, mstring::ShowBase = 0x04 }
 Format flags for the conversion of numeric values to strings. More...
enum  mstring::TimeFormat { mstring::Date, mstring::Time, mstring::Date_Time }
 Available formats for the conversion of time values. More...


DLLEXPORT const MString mstring::operator+ (const char *str, const MString &ms)
DLLEXPORT std::ostream & mstring::operator<< (std::ostream &stream, const MString &ms)
DLLEXPORT std::istream & mstring::operator>> (std::istream &stream, MString &ms)
DLLEXPORT std::ostream & mstring::operator<< (std::ostream &stream, const MStringList &msl)

Define Documentation


This macro can be used to declare all namespace members for export from a shared library (DLL on Windows). It defaults to an empty string (nothing is exported).
This will not be defined when there's already a preprocessor definition with this name.

#define MSTRING_LOCALE   1

MSTRING_LOCALE == 1 (the default) enables the locale environment LC_CTYPE being set to the current locale setting as provided by the system on creating the first MString object. Setting it to 0 will cause accent characters not being handled correctly in case conversions and sorting.
The functionality of mstring::MString::setNumLocale() and mstring::MString::setTimeLocale() are not affected by this.

#define foreach ( VARIABLE,


    (ITERATOR != STLCONTAINER.end()) && ((VARIABLE = *ITERATOR) || true); \
This macro is a simple foreach implementation to make stepping through STL containers (vectors, lists etc.) more convenient; you don't need to assign, increment and check the iterator manually. It takes the following arguments:

All arguments have to be instantiated before invoking foreach(). The arguments must be variables, not function calls. Example:

    MString s;
    MStringList::const_iterator i;
    MStringList l = ...

    foreach(s, i, l)
      //Do something with s

The macro will not be defined if there's already a preprocessor definition with the same name.

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