mstring Namespace Reference

Encapsulates all facilities of the MString class. More...


struct  MBoolStrings
 Contains localized strings for the conversion of bool values. More...
struct  MTimeStrings
 Contains localized format strings for the conversion of time values. More...
class  MString
 A string class. More...
class  MStringList
 An ordered list of MStrings. More...


typedef unsigned int uint
typedef unsigned long ulong


enum  NumericBase { Bin = 2, Oct = 8, Dec = 10, Hex = 16 }
 Available numeric bases for the conversion of integer values. More...
enum  NumericFormat { DefaultFormat = 0x00, AlignSign = 0x01, ShowPlus = 0x02, ShowBase = 0x04 }
 Format flags for the conversion of numeric values to strings. More...
enum  TimeFormat { Date, Time, Date_Time }
 Available formats for the conversion of time values. More...


DLLEXPORT const MString operator+ (const char *str, const MString &ms)
DLLEXPORT std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &stream, const MString &ms)
DLLEXPORT std::istream & operator>> (std::istream &stream, MString &ms)
DLLEXPORT std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &stream, const MStringList &msl)

Typedef Documentation

typedef unsigned int mstring::uint

typedef unsigned long mstring::ulong

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum mstring::NumericBase

Integer numbers can be converted to and from strings using a numeric base. This constants determine which bases are available for conversion.

See also:
Enumeration NumericFormat.

enum mstring::NumericFormat

The following flags affect the formatting of integer and floating-point numbers when converted to strings. The flags can be combined.

Integer types only:

See also:
Enumeration NumericBase.

enum mstring::TimeFormat

Time values can be converted to strings representing a date or a time of day. This constants determine which will be used for the conversion. Date_Time resembles to both, separated by a single space.

See also:
Struct mstring::MTimeStrings, method MString::timeToString(time_t, TimeFormat, const MTimeStrings*), method MString::time(time_t, TimeFormat, const MTimeStrings*), method MString::toTime().

Function Documentation

DLLEXPORT const MString mstring::operator+ ( const char *  str,
const MString &  ms 

Concatenates a MString to a char array and returns a MString

DLLEXPORT std::ostream& mstring::operator<< ( std::ostream &  stream,
const MString &  ms 

Stream inserter for writing a MString to an output stream.

DLLEXPORT std::istream& mstring::operator>> ( std::istream &  stream,
MString &  ms 

Stream extractor for reading a complete line from an input stream, overwriting the content of the given MString.

DLLEXPORT std::ostream& mstring::operator<< ( std::ostream &  stream,
const MStringList &  msl 

Stream inserter for writing a complete MStringList to an output stream. The items in the list will be enclosed by quotes and separated by commas.

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